Monday, 6 June 2011

American kindergarten kids adopt Port Macquarie koalas

A class of enterprising kindergarten kids in San Diego, California, USA, have raised money doing household chores in order to adopt not one but TWO koalas from the Koala Hospital. You can read about their hard work here.

The koalas these kindy youngsters adopted were:

Links VTR
Linksie came to the Hospital as a tiny 375 gram joey, whose mother had to be euthanased after a motor vehicle accident. Linksie was successfully raised at the Hospital and released to the wild. Click here to adopt Linksie.

Links VTR by koalawrangler
Links VTR, a photo by koalawrangler on Flickr.

Westhaven Barry
Barry is a small male koala who suffers from scoliosis and a bit of a grumpy temper! He is a long-term resident of the Hospital. Click here to adopt Bazza.

Westhaven Barry by koalawrangler
Westhaven Barry, a photo by koalawrangler on Flickr.

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