Monday, 5 October 2009

Wild koala sighting!

Friends of mine were visiting from out of town this morning and they were delighted by a wild koala sighting as we were on our way out to breakfast.

I saw the speckly-grey one galloping across the McLaren Drive (fortunately near the koala corridor where residents know to slow down), before shooting up a tree in Nulla Close.

He had a green tag in his left ear, which signified he was a former Hospital patient and a male. His bottom was slightly dirty but dry, so he was probably a former wet-botton sufferer. It can take some time for the Chlamydial staining to grow out.

He made the familiar male cry (which you can hear here) as he clambered up the tree then stopped and looked down at us.

I went back and checked later in the day and he was still in the same tree. Hope he stays off the roads!