Friday, 6 March 2009

Rescued baby kangaroo ("pinky")

A friend of mine was on the road recently and found herself taking a detour to collect a young marsupial passenger.

Here is what she said:

When I was driving to Bathurst this morning about 30kms our side of Oberon, I saw a dead kangaroo on the road. I thought I saw something move near the roo so at the next driveway I did a U-turn and went back to investigate. There on the road was a pink little joey. Every time it tried to hop, it fell on its face because it was so young. Luckily I had a jacket with me, so picked it up, wrapped it in the jacket and put in on the back seat of the car.

WIRES here in Bathurst have now picked up the joey. I hope it survives!
Like the koala, the kangaroo carries its young in a pouch until it is ready to get about on its own. Such joeys are called "pinkies" because they are unfurred, giving them a pink appearance.

What happened to my friend is an important lesson to motorists who might pass a dead animal on the road without a second glance. If the animal is a marsupial, there is every possibility that, while the mother might be dead, she could be carrying young in her pouch that is still very much alive...if they are not left to die by the roadside with the mother, that is. Care facilities like WIRES (Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation) have equipment like humidicribs as well as experienced carers who can raise pinkies. This heartbreaking work is not always successful, but it gives the pinky a much better chance of survival than being left by the road to die!

My friend probably saved that baby kangaroo's life!