Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Warrego Martin

I haven't written anything in response to the horrific fires in Victoria and their devastating toll on koalas and other Australian wildlife primarily because I am unspeakably saddened by the whole thing.

The Koala Hospital has been in regular contact with carers in Victoria who are treating wildlife there and we have offered the support of our expertise and personnel if they need it. At this stage, we're being led by them.

So meanwhile, I have a more uplifting story of koala 'parent', this time one I found online.

Warrego Martin is one of our 'repeat offenders'. He's been in three times that I know of, most recently in December 2008. He came in a little rundown and needing some R&R.

Martin's new 'parents' talk about his adoption here.

You can see more photos of Warrego Martin here.

You can adopt Warrego Martin for yourself here.