Thursday, 22 January 2009

Davide and Bonny Blaze

I often get lovely emails from people around the world who have questions about the Hospital or simply messages of support for the work we do.

The other day I received a note from a Mum who had adopted Bonny Blaze for her 10-year-old son, Davide. Here is a message from Davide himself and a lovely photo of him with his much-prized adoption certificate:

Domenica, 18 Gennaio 2009, 10:29

Hi, I'm Davide, a 10 years old Italian boy. Since I was a little child, I've been loving Australia and especially the koalas. When I saw a real koala at Wien zoo in Austria for the first time, I started to want my "own koala". My mum showed me the koala hospital online and I was very happy to know that there are people caring about koalas. I love them! At the beginning of 2009 I received the most beautiful present in my life: Bonny Blaze! My dream is to work in your hospital as a volunteer and take care about koalas. Go on with your fantastic work, we're very proud of you!

Hugs to all volunteers and a big big hug to all your koalas!


DavideHere is a photo of everything Davide received in his adoption kit (minus the cuddly toy koala which I suspect is Davide's own!):

Davide's adoption kidYou can bring the joy of 'parenting' a koala to your child by adopting one here! You will help to breed the next generation of koalas and the next generation of wildlife warriors by raising your kids' awareness of the plight of vulnerable and endangered species.