Friday, 26 December 2008

Koalas in the news

It started with a little press release, suggesting that adopting a koala for Christmas might be a more meaningful way to spend your dough than buying Dad the ubiquitous three-pack of socks from Lowes. The story -- Forget socks, adopt a koala for Christmas -- got picked up by Reuters and went viral. The message to adopt a koala for a loved one for Christmas ended up on blogs, news services and websites around the world. By the time the story found its way to a paper in India, the koalas were no longer alternative gifts to socks, they were in the socks: Koalas in socks!.

The Hospital has been flat-chat (gratefully so) filling the orders that began flooding in from around the world: World donates $16,000 to our koalas.

The Hospital is just delighted by the response and can't wait to start putting the money to good koala use.

On a separate note, I (belatedly) came across this interesting article describing how scientists have been utilising mobile phone technology to monitor koala mating noises: Mobile phones eavesdrop on Aussie koalas. Well, if that's all it takes, I could easily have lobbed my phone out the window these last few nights: the koalas hanging around our backyard have been bellowing up a storm lately.

You can adopt a koala all year round here.