Thursday, 28 February 2008

Joeys behaving badly

It's not easy being the only boy koala occupying a single tree with three girls. Just ask One Mile Beach Noah.

As a relative newcomer to yard 6, Noah has made his home in one of the lower forks of the yard's tree. The spot has become a favourite for him; you often see him flopped in the crook of its branches, arms and legs dangling like a happy sloth.

Trouble is, this fork is a bit of major thoroughfare, especially when new leaf has arrived. Today, Helene was distributing leaf into the several pots strewn around the gunyah in yard 6. Oxley Holly (I can tell it's her by her nose) decided she was heading down for a gander at the smorgasboard.

But Noah was having none of it.

Noah wouldn't budge so Holly shimmied down the main trunk and wedged herself in front of Noah (where they gave each other a bit of a sniff). Then, when Holly didn't vamoose her caboose, he gave her a warning nibble on the shoulder.

Noah giving Holly a warning chomp
From koalawrangler's gallery.

Holly eeped a little and then clipped Noah over the ear before taking off up the tree again.

It was time for Holly's Plan B.

Her next tactic was to reverse down the tree...onto Noah's head. She sat there on Noah's noggin for a bit, before he gave Holly her final marching orders.

Holly sitting on Noah
From koalawrangler's gallery.

Holly gave up and took off...and Noah resumed the position in *his* treefork.

One Mile Beach Noah
One Mile Beach Noah back in the zone without any pesky chicks around
From koalawrangler's gallery.

Here's some of the action caught on KoalaKam:

Interestingly, it was almost exactly a year ago that I blogged on some other joeys behaving badly in Joeyz in da hood.

In other news, Hamlyn Bev is jumped ship from the round yard in yard 10 into yard 10 proper. She is currently, unhelpfully, up a pine tree.

Nowendoc Carl is looking a million bucks after his operation to remove the inflammed tissue from his eyes. The right is still cloudy, but the left is much clearer. He looks much better just being out in the yards and "upstairs" (on the top part of the gunyah), rather than looking lacklustre on the bottom rung as he did inside. His fur, which was a dun-brown colour on admission looks to me like it's got some healthier grey flecks coming through, or perhaps that's just from seeing him in the sun for the first time. He's much brighter and grabbier too - he managed to wangle the syringe off me at one point (to the amusement of the watching visitors) and attempted to feed himself with it to no avail before submitting to my giving it another go!

Poor Emerald Matilda, the blind koala from last week, was euthanased. Another blind koala, Banksia Ted, has come in to be assessed. There is also a Lighthouse Di who is just the cutest looking thing, who might be entering the Sydney uni trials as she is a wet bottom.

Click here to see more photos of this week's koala patients recovering at the Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie.