Thursday, 28 February 2008

Granite Murray's in the bag

Granite Murray is still in ICU and receiving treatment as part of the Sydney uni trials. It's all in the name of curing chlamydia. He seems happy to receive his 100ml of formula and takes it without a bit of fuss. Below you can see my five-step feeding-bagging method for Granite Murray:

1. Feed him. About 100ml ought to do it.

2. Give him a comforting little pat.

3. Whip the bag over his head when he's not looking.

4. Give it a twist to ensure no koala "bits" (claws, teeth) can get out.

5. Hey presto! One bagged koala!

(Don't try this at home!)

Click here to see more photos of this week's koala patients recovering at the Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie.