Friday, 27 April 2007


Lighthouse Steffi saturated

My KoalaWhere arrived today. It's a small toy koala dressed in an aviator outfit and proceeds from the sale of each KoalaWhere go to support the Australian Koala Foundation.

The idea is that you take KoalaWhere with you when you go on holidays, particularly overseas, and then you include your KoalaWhere in your photos. (I can imagine going quite overboard with this.) You then upload your photos to the KoalaWhere online KoalaAlbums. Here is a KoalaWhere holidaying in Patagonia. Here's another at the Great Wall of China. Here's another one in Vanuatu. There's even one taken at the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie with our dearly departed Cloudie!

You can buy your own KoalaWhere online at

I've named ours Lighthouse Steffi in honour of Settlement Point Steffi, a little joey we had at the koala hospital earlier in the year who was sadly past saving.

Click here to view more of today's KoalaWhere snaps of Lighthouse Steffi.